Almost half of Mallorca’s population lives in Palma. The Balearic capital city fascinates visitors not only due to its contrasting diversity, but also local and foreign residents value the city’s quality of life. Nowhere in the Balearic islands does one find a comparative abundance of significant buildings, museums, galleries, and cultural offerings. Also, the twenty kilometers of the bay of Palma is absolutely appealing.

The harbor promenade goes along luxurious marinas and is surrounded by elegant restaurants. Trendy bars and clubs rank next to each other. The proximity to Palma’s old city with its historical buildings and tourist attractions and the partly breathtaking view of the bay makes the harbor promenade and the area just behind to a highly coveted residential district. Apartments and houses in Palma are sold in various sizes and price classes. Houses in need of renovation can be found all over the old city of Palma.

Next to splendidly constructed apartments and houses in Palma, one finds antique palaces and retainable city houses in need of renovation. Museums, churches, and art galleries line the narrow old city streets and invigorate in addition to the numerous boutiques and shops the historical sight of the city center. Anyone looking for a chalet for refurbishing will find it in Palma mostly in the urban peripheral area of the city.  The areas close to districts like Génova or Es Jonquet are choice properties for renovating a house.

Even if one would like to buy a house under construction, one would find it in Palma and the surroundings. For people with the highest of demands, exceptional properties in and around the Balearic capital city are available. If one would wish to buy an old city palace, one can contact an estate agent of one’s confidence.