Despite high unemployment rates and a weak economic output in Spain and Mallorca,  extraordinary luxury homes in top-locations are still sought-after investments by investorsUnique finca properties with guest house or exclusive villas with sea view are in high demand, especially from abroad.

Those who want to buy, for example, a finca near Cala Mondrago, a beautiful bay in the midst of a nature reserve in the island’s southeast, should look for it early enough since offers for a finca property with sea view in this area are often not on the market for long.

Those who want to buy luxury properties in Majorca must provide evidence of a minimum of equity and extremely good creditworthiness, if a bank credit is wanted or necessary for the purchase of the property. Local estate agents assist in all questions regarding a property purchase in Mallorca. In order to get an overview of the offers, it is recommendable to look for information on the estate agents’ websites.

Houses in top locations such as finca properties with sea view and other properties in demand such as row houses directly at the sea are being presented very appealingly and clearly.

Starting with a detailed description with numerous photos up to extensive information about the location and facilities of the property, investors find many useful hints concerning the property purchase on the Balearic island. For discretion’s sake, estate agents often have more properties for sale than they present on their websites.